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SALE - Handmade stitch marker and progress keeper set - Snowdrops

SALE - Handmade stitch marker and progress keeper set - Snowdrops

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A set of 4 ring stitch markers for knitting projects and a co-ordinating progress keeper. This set has been designed to represent the snowdrop, one of the first spring bulbs to bloom and a sign that spring is on the way.  

Each stitch marker is handmade using an 8mm ivory Jasper bead and a small green glass bead, both attached to a silver plated closed ring and will fit needles up to 4.5mm. The lobster clasp is a 16mm clasp which means it's not fiddly to open. 

Stitch markers have a multitude of uses including: 

  • Marking the beginning or end of a round or row
  • Marking pattern changes and lace repeats
  • Keeping count of stitches

Progress keepers can be used as stitch markers, can be attached to your work to mark progress, and are also helpful for crochet to keep the live stitch safe when you put your work down. They are also useful for keeping dropped stitches safe in knitting. 

Please read my Helpful Information page for details about shipping, customs charges, packaging, materials used etc.  

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