Shipping charges from 1st July

Shipping charges from 1st July

This is the little post box at the bottom of my road where your orders are currently popped into as they start their journey to your front door. It dates back to the reign of George V (1910 - 1936). ⁣

As well as telling you about my local post box I do have some more important post related information to tell you.

From 1st July the Royal Mail are significantly increasing their shipping rate to the USA and I have no option other than to increase my US shipping costs too as the rate of increase is too much for my little shop to absorb. I’m truly sorry about this but hope you understand. ⁣

I will also, for the immediate future while the Covid pandemic continues to impact postal services, ship out all overseas packages using the tracked shipping service to provide reassurance for you as to the progress of your order. I have heard of some orders taking a couple of months to reach their destinations and I know how frustrating it is to be waiting for a package and not knowing if it’s just delayed (most likely) or lost in transit (unlikely). I will keep this under review and once the worldwide shipping service gets back to normal I will offer standard shipping again, as well as the tracked service. ⁣

There are no changes to UK postal charges. 

If you’ve made it to here, thank you for reading. Who knew there was so much to say about postal services.

Emma xx 

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