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Hello and thank you for visiting. Let me tell you a bit about Eldenwood Craft. 

I'm Emma and I run Eldenwood Craft from my home studio in Surrey. I am the proverbial chief cook and bottle washer of the business - I run the whole show, sourcing and buying fabrics (one of the best bits!), designing and making the products you see for sale, doing my own marketing (also known as hanging out on Instagram), packing up orders and taking them to the post office, updating the website....and everything else that goes in between. And I love it!

I work during the day for the NHS and have done since 1997. I am incredibly proud to be able to work for the NHS but my dream is to one day make Eldenwood Craft my full time job. 

I am a passionate knitter and I create project bags and other accessories that I like to use myself - simple, functional and beautiful bags that are made to last. Each one is hand made by me. I like to use fabric in my bags that tells a story and many of my bags feature designs influenced by the natural world. Birds are a particular favourite. 

If you enjoy watching crafty podcasts I host the Eldenwood Craft podcast on YouTube in which I chat about all the things I have been making. You can find a link to the podcast on the website.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments or feedback about my work or if you would like me to answer any queries you might have.