Hello from Emma!

Hello and welcome to Eldenwood Craft. I’m so happy to welcome you to my website. Here’s the page where I tell you a bit about me and the Eldenwood Craft story.

Emma the owner of Eldenwood Craft sitting at her desk designing a new project bag

I'm a maker, just like you. 

I started sewing in 2014 when my daughter was about to leave junior school and we decided to make some pencil cases for her teachers as goodbye gifts. That led to the start of Eldenwood Craft in 2015 when I opened up my project bag shop on Etsy. Throughout this time I was working full time in the NHS but as the years passed I developed a really strong desire to spend my days following more creative pursuits.

In 2020 I moved my shop to my own website and the following year I moved to Somerset with my family and that was the opportunity to bring Eldenwood Craft to you on a full time basis. It brings me so much happiness to be able to work in and on my own business every day.

I am a passionate knitter and I create project bags and other accessories that I like to use myself - simple, functional and beautiful bags that are made to last.

Every bag is hand made by me and I place an emphasis on ensuring each one sent out into the world is of a high quality. I like to use fabric in my project bags that tells a story and many of my bags feature designs influenced by the natural world. I am quite picky when choosing the fabric that I use - they are usually heavier weight fabrics and so you'll find that they will stay with you for many years. 

I really want both the look and the feel of your bag to give you that ‘oooh, wow’ feeling, because your craft deserves the best!

So please do have a look around my shop and perhaps treat yourself to a new bag for your crafting corner or to show off your project at knit night.

If you enjoy watching knitting podcasts I host the Eldenwood Craft podcast on YouTube in which I chat about all the things I have been making. And if you’re interested in the behind the scenes stuff then you can hang out with me on Instagram and sign up for my newsletter. It would be great to spend some time with you.

If you work in the fibre world yourself and are interested in a collaboration with Eldenwood Craft then please do get in touch with me and we can have a chat about what we could do together. And if you have a physical retail shop and are interested in stocking my bags I’d love to explore this with you.