A project bag hangs from a coat peg. Next to it is a Litmus Cowl and on the shelf above are some balls of yarn and a trailing plant.

What can I fit in my project bag?

I thought it would be helpful to provide a bit of information about the different project bag sizes I make as standard in my shop. 

The names are pretty self explanatory but I hope the following will help you understand what size of projects will fit into each of the bags and what the standard features of each size are. 

Small project bags

An Eldenwood Craft project bag lies on a dark table surrounded by notions and yarn.

The baby of the family but a bag that is perfect for projects such as socks, gloves or a hat. You won’t fit a lot more in these bags other than the project and yarn and maybe a little pot of stitch markers. There are no pockets in the small project bags and I don’t put a handle on these bags either because I find that I pop the drawstrings themselves over my wrist instead when I'm out and about with my knitting. Usually these bags will have a boxed bottom but I do sometimes offer these unboxed. These bags are great for popping in your backpack or handbag in case you need your project whilst on the go.  You can see the ‘Small’ project bags currently for sale in my shop here. 

Everyday Project bags

An Everyday Eldenwood Craft project bag lies on a dark wood table surrounded by notions and yarn. The print on the bag shows a scene of hikers walking around hills.

The next size up from a 'Small', these project bags quite comfortably fit the same smaller projects as the ‘Small’ but with room for more. Your notions will easily fit in these bags, along with a notebook and the pattern etc. You could also use these bags for shawls and other projects that take up to three skeins of fingering weight yarn caked up. Like the ‘Small’ these bags do not have pockets or handles. You can see the ‘Everyday’ project bags currently for sale in my shop here. 

Midi project bags

An Eldenwood Craft Midi project bag lies on a dark wood table surrounded by notions and yarn. The scene on the bag fabric shows a winter tree under which can be found foxes, squirrels, rabbits and deer. An owl sits in the tree.

Now we’re getting to the bigger end of the project bag spectrum. The Midi is my personal favourite size of project bag; it will hold a lot of yarn and project - up to six 100g fingering weight skeins. So think large shawls, lighter sweater projects (fingering / DK weight sweaters will be very happy but a chunky yarn sweater project might find it a bit of a squeeze!), multiple smaller projects, you get the picture. All Midi bags will have a side handle and a couple of pockets unless pictured in the bag description without - there are some older bags for sale in my shop at the moment without a handle, but they all still come with pockets. The same goes for zipped versions of this bag; two pockets come as standard but I don’t include a side handle.  I describe the Midi as the most versatile of my project bags because while it packs a punch in terms of what you can store in it, it is still very portable. You can see the ‘Midi’ range of project bags currently available in my shop here. 

XL project bags

An XL Eldenwood Craft project bag lies on a table surrounded by notions and yarn. The fabric on the bag shows the face of a long wool sheep.

The biggest of my project bags as the name suggests. This bag was designed initially to make the most of a sheep print fabric and has become a very popular choice amongst blanket and sweater knitters. Two handles, two pockets and a whole lot of room inside for storing everything you need to make pretty much any sized sweater, or for storing your blanket project. I don’t have an XL available at the time of writing to count how many skeins of yarn it will store, but from memory (I did this experiment on a podcast once upon a time) we are in the region of around 10-12 skeins of 100g fingering weight yarn. Historically I have tended to only make these in the sheep prints but I will be offering the XL in other prints going forward. When I make the zipped version of this bag, like the Midi I don’t include handles. My XL project bag collection is here. 


I hope that has helped to give a bit of context behind the different sizes of project bags offered in my shop. I do offer other sizes from time to time, such as tote bags, and if there are any other style or size of bags that you would be interested in I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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