Navigating a shop update - some helpful pointers

Hello and thanks for reading this post. I'm guessing you're interested in visiting the shop during one of my shop updates. Here's a few helpful snippets ahead of the update. 

  • Shop updates are usually run in two parts. Newsletter subscribers generally have first access to shop updates and information is sent to subscribers ahead of the update with a link to gain access to the update. The update is then opened up to everyone else some time after. Details of the date of updates will appear on my website, in newsletters and on Instagram.
  • If you're really keen to pick something up in the update then try and be online and logged in at go live time, with all your payment details ready. Shop updates can sometimes be busy!
  • Made to order / dyed to order options will sometimes be available when capacity allows. It will be clear on a product page whether a made to order option is available or not and how long the turnaround time is for making the order. I plan my post update making schedule strictly in the order that orders are received. Please be aware though that made to order options are not always available - availability is dependent on capacity.
  • I can't unfortunately control that horrible issue of cart jacking (where you have something in your cart and by the time you've gone through the purchase process someone has made it through checkout ahead of you and your item is no longer available). I wish I could but I can't and I'm really sorry if it happens to you.
  • If you place an order and then come back later to order again before your original order has been shipped, I'll always try and ensure they go in the post together and refund some postage. I don't always spot where there are multiple orders though, especially when there's lots of orders coming in and going out at the same time, so do drop me an email with your order numbers and ask if they can be sent in one parcel, I'm very happy to sort that out.
  • All the postage and shipping info is in the Shipping and Returns Policy page  on my website - it's worth a read before an update to be fully up to date on how orders are processed etc. and if you're shopping from overseas it will explain about customs and taxes. 

Hope that helps - but if you have any questions just drop me a message. 

Happy shopping x