Medium sized knitting project bag in a beautiful fabric featuring woodland animals. Handmade in Somerset by Eldenwood Craft.

New Project Bag Collections for May

May 17th sees the launch of two new project bag collections from Eldenwood Craft. I usually enter a state of slight anxiety in the run up to letting new collections out into the world. This will be because I really care very much about the work that I put out into the world, and I always worry that it won't be well received or, if I can be frank, put enough money into the bank account to keep us afloat for the next few weeks!  However I also never release a collection that I'm not immensely proud of, and fortunately the response to the fabrics I've chosen for the May update, when I have shared them on Instagram and on my podcast, has been really positive. Phew - thank you if you've left me a comment!  So let me tell you a little bit about them. 

The Woodland Floor Collection 

Large knitting project bag in an indigo print fabric featuring woodland animals such as rabbits, hedgehogs and squirrels. Handmade in Somerset by Eldenwood Craft.
As soon as I saw this fabric I was smitten. It fits in with the Eldenwood Craft aesthetic really well and it reminds me of my squirrel pals in my old home in Surrey and my new rabbit friends here in my Somerset home. I love the indigo coloured print on the cream background, and it has a really classic, timeless feel to it. I may be a little biased but I'm really rather smitten with this fabric. 
Knitting notions pouch in an indigo print fabric featuring woodland animals. Handmade in Somerset by Eldenwood Craft.


The Green Fields Collection 

Medium sized drawstring project bag for knitting and craft from Eldenwood Craft. Features green fields and lots of cute animals.


Where the Woodland Floor Collection has the traditional element, the Green Fields Collection brings cute to the table. Just look at all the animals hanging out in the fields - we've got deer, boars, foxes, birds and hedgehogs. But my favourites are the rabbits and in particular, if you look very closely, dotted around, there are a few baby rabbits which is perfect for this time of year. The baby rabbits are a bit of a bonus because what drew me to this fabric initially were the rolling green fields. In 2021 when we were in the process of buying our Somerset home, we travelled up and down the A303 on many, many occasions. If you don't know this stretch of road, in my eyes it is one of the most beautiful journeys in the UK - all the shades of green fields and rolling hills for miles and miles. And so this fabric very much reminds me of those journeys and our family story of moving from the south east to the south west of the UK. 

Extra large knitting project bag in a fabric featuring green fields and cute animals. Handmade in Somerset by Eldenwood Craft.


A little bit about the fabrics

Both collections use home decor weight fabric. This is my favourite weight of fabric to use for project bags simply because it makes them a little more robust than project bags made out of the more traditional quilting weight cottons (which I do also use because some of the prints available are just stunning!). All bags are lined with a canvas fabric, another hard wearing fabric, and by using such fabrics I like to think that your project bag will be with you and your knitting for many years.

Where handles are included (Everyday, Midi and XL project bags), these are in a gorgeous super soft and thick cotton that adds a lovely touch of luxury to the bag. 

Different sizes available

You will find a range of sizes of project bags available in both collections, from notions pouches all the way up to my huge XL sized project bag. A full description of each bag's capacity will be available on the product listings but I also wrote a journal entry a few months ago setting out in detail what each bag can hold and you can read that here. It does need a bit of a refresh because products develop, and I hope to do this soon. As a summary here is what you can fit, roughly, in each project bag: 

  • Small project bag - 1 x 100g skein of yarn 
  • Everyday project bag - 3 x 100g skeins of yarn
  • Midi project bag - 5 x 100g skeins of yarn
  • XL project bag - 10 x 100g skeins of yarn (with plenty of room to spare!)

Bear in mind that not all skeins are created equal and my measurements are taken using caked up fingering weight yarn. 

I hope that gives you a good feel for the two new collections. They go live at 7pm on Tuesday 17th May 2022. Each project bag has a limited ready to ship availability and when that sells out I have added some made to order availability. Should that also sell out then I do have plans to add further made to order availability in a few weeks time. 




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