Welcome to my brand new shiny website

Welcome to my brand new shiny website

Hello! Welcome to my brand new website. I’m so pleased you’ve come to have a look. This is a piece of work I have taken on myself so I’m a little anxious about it. If you find any glitches please do let me know so I can put them right. I had a few last minute ‘oh no’ moments but I think they have been sorted!

So here on the new website you will find my new shop. I took the decision a little while ago to move away from selling my project bags on Etsy as I wanted to have a more cohesive way of presenting Eldenwood Craft to you. Etsy was brilliant and I am thankful that I was able to start Eldenwood Craft off on such a great ready made platform. But the time is right now to stand alone.

I should say that I thought long and hard about delaying this given the coronavirus pandemic. But in line with many online shops I decided to continue.

As long as Royal Mail are operating I will be posting once a week, during one of my trips to work for my day job. And as I print all my postage at home I will be able to put orders directly in the post box thereby avoiding human contact. I will obviously keep this under review and will change things as the situation requires. You can read more about how I will be operating during the Coronavirus pandemic via the link at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.

If you are not new to Eldenwood Craft you probably know that I have had a website before. That site is still up and running and currently holds all my podcast show notes amongst other things. I will keep this open for a while until I have transferred what I need to across to here. 


 I really hope you enjoy having a look around and if you have any questions please get in touch. There is a contact link at the bottom of the page.

Take care, stay safe and stay home (and do lots of knitting!)

Emma xx


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